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Why did Magne (Thor) Meet Wotan (Odin) in Ragnarok if it was All in His Head?

So, I just finished watching the last season. Knowing that all of the supernatural stuff was in Magne's head was a bit of a shocker. So, this would mean that everything that they showed in the show would have an alternative explanation. One question that I was wondering about was why Magne (Thor) even met Wotan (Odin) in the show.

Here's my interpretation. Bear in mind, that my interpretation is based on watching the show only once. I should probably watch it one more time to give a more rational and clearer perspective.

Artistic rendition of Magne meeting Wotan in the show Ragnarok
This is just a representation of the meeting of Wotan and Magne. Of course, the show's characters looked much better!

How Does Wotan Meeting Magne Make Sense in the Context of Everything Being Imagined by Magne?

I think Wotan was probably one of the people who was wronged by Jutul Industries. This is probably how he came to meet Magne in reality. That's how he became close to Magne and his other friends who were also probably somehow harmed by Jutul industries.

So, my theory is that all the gods were a metaphor for the plaintiffs against Jutul Industries and they got together to get Jutuls to right the wrongs.

What did Magne's Hammer Represent?

The hammer, to me, was a metaphor for some proof that Magne had against the Jutuls that allowed him to have an upper hand.

What did Laurits' Little O, AKA the Midgard serpent, Represent?

Now, this is something I haven't been able to get my head around because I haven't thought much about it. Since it was something that was supposed to kill Magne, I am guessing it probably represents some testimony of Laurits that could have harmed Magne. Of course, Laurits ended up letting it go.

So, these are some questions I had in my head about the show that I enjoyed. To be honest, I loved the ending. Of course, the creators left a lot to be explained which I guess is the fun part. We, as the audience, can come up with our most logical explanations.

Do let me know if there are any questions that you want us to answer in the comments. It will be fun to come up with our interpretation of the same.

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