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First Episode of Supacell was Supaboring

Updated: Jul 8

Warning: Spoilers ahead

A variety of websites kept sending notifications my way regarding how awesome Supacell is. I even saw a headline that said people would uninstall Netflix if Supacell was cancelled. That's how I got baited and wasted about 35 minutes.

Why the First Episode was so Boring

Well, it started with a scene that led me to believe that it would be an interesting superhero show. I kept waiting and waiting and waiting for something interesting to happen, but it didn't.

I guess the scriptwriters wanted the audience to know about the backstories of the characters, but I just didn't feel like moving ahead. But, I did.

Who is the lead character?

This is a question that seemed to be answered in the end, but I am not still sure. It could be Taze or Michael or Rodney. I guess that doesn't really matter as long as there is a good story that ties everything together. Supacell tried to tie everything together in the first episode and failed miserably.

The theme was not clearly defined. The characters were not elaborated upon. There was nothing that kept me hooked. I am hoping all this is going to be addressed in the subsequent episodes, but if you want your viewers to make it to the next episodes, you've got to make the first episode a banger, isn't it?

Anyway, at the moment, I am not too keen on getting to the second episode. But if I do, I'll provide an update with a new post.

See you when I see you.

Edit: July 7

I Changed My Opinion on Supacell

I did watch a few more episodes of the show and it didn't seem as dry as the first episode. Now, I feel almost bad for having written a bad review. Nonetheless, it's true. They could have made the first episode much more juicier. I mean that's the epsiode that's supposed to be pulling in and hooking the viewers.

What the show does lack is a believable explanation of how they are able to use their powers, backed by the laws of physics. I know there's no real science behind superhero content, and it's up to viewer to make it up. But you know, many superhero movies make it slightly believable.

For example, Flash's suit doesn't burn because of special material. Superman is super because he is an Alien. Hulk is strong because of some experiment. Deadpool got his powers because of some cancer experiment thing.

They keep giving hints of this by referencing sickle cell and showing the labs and those people who are monitoring them, so maybe in the end they will give a good explanation of it all. I just finished the second last episode of the first season. Maybe they explain this in the last season?

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