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Everything You Need to Know about Mindless Scrolling and how to STOP it

Updated: Nov 4, 2023

In the grand circus of life, we all don an invisible cloak. An invisible cloak of digital jesters as we embark on our daily digital journey of scroll-a-thon. Like clockwork, we give our thumbs a "much-needed" workout while engrossing ourselves in the quintessential, mindless scroll.

I still remember how engrossed I was into dog videos on Instagram, that I completely forgot the track of time. So much so, that I ended up spending (read: wasting) an hour of my life. Did I enjoy the mindless scrolling? Yes. Was it productive? No. I was so pissed at myself, that I ended up deleting all social media apps from my phone.

Has the world stopped moving? No. How do I stay updated? I actually read the news now. But if this was me, I am sure, this could be you too (Not all of you, but at least a few of you).

How to stop Mindless Scrolling?
Mindless Scrolling

So, today I am deep-diving into the absurdity of mindless scrolling while sprinkling laughter on your SEO-driven screens. I hope you take away something from this post. If not anything, I hope it made it smile a little.

The "Scroll" of Shame - Mindless Scrolling

Picture this: it's a Tuesday afternoon, and you're in a meeting so mind-numbing that your brain starts begging you to do something else. Out of habit, you do the next obvious thing. You pick up your phone and hop on to insta.

Your phone springs to life in your hand like an enthusiastic stand-up comedian taking the stage. Your brain feels productive now. You're now in the middle of a highly critical research project on "Which celebrity is getting married in 2023" (your words, not mine). Hours later, you emerge from your large rabbit hole. You have seen it all. From "GRWM reels" to "Dancing Divas" to "Recipes".

One simple click to a full-blown digital rabbit hole. It's where you start with a "quick check" of Instagram and end up exploring conspiracy theories about how dogs secretly rule the world.

Dog GIFs & Conspiracy Theories: A Scrollin' Symphony

One of the most bizarre facets of the mindless scroll is the unpredictable content it serves up. Content on social media is unpredictable. It's like you are living a life in the digital world.

The only difference is that you have control over your digital life. You can delete, unfollow, block and do whatever the hell you want. Does this work in real life? Not so much. Constantly feeding your mind with mindless scrolling and giving you that much-needed Dopamine Hit.

Your adventure began with the intention of catching up on your cousin's beach vacation photos, only to discover an entire subculture of synchronized cat GIFs that has seemingly existed without your knowledge. How do these things even relate? They don't, and that's the beauty of it!

But wait, there's more! Scroll further, and you might stumble upon a riveting exposé about how cats are actually government spies. Or perhaps you'll become a temporary expert on conspiracy theories about celebrities faking stuff which is just another PR stunt. This digital rabbit hole is deep, and there's no map – just a delightful cacophony of absurdity.

Dopamine: The Secret Sauce of Scrolling

Mindless scrolling is like a bad comedy show with no exit sign. Every time you refresh your feed and see a new meme, a witty comment, or a "like" on your latest bathroom selfie, your brain releases a dash of dopamine. Put simply, "We are validating you and you are loving it."

This neurotransmitter is the brain's way of saying, "Hey, you're doing great, keep it up!" It's the same little friend that rewards you for eating chocolate or receiving compliments. It's the same little friend that rewards you when you match with someone new on a dating app. So, scrolling becomes an addictive chase for those fleeting moments of digital glory.

But alas, there's a catch! The more you scroll, the more you swipe left and right, the less exciting those dopamine hits become. Your brain's reward system gets desensitized, leading you down a bottomless pit of endless scrolling, as you chase the high that was once so satisfying.

From Polar Bears to Polarized Views

Your mindless scrolling and viewing bizarre content has also created another odd phenomenon - the echo chamber. You know that matchmaker aunty who is overtly eager and enthu and likes pairing you with people who she thinks you might like? That's exactly Social media algorithms work.

They isolate you from the digital diversity of thought, locking you in an ideological bubble. Also, the fact that you fell for the conspiracy theory "dogs are probably aliens" says a lot about the content you engage with.

You start believing that everyone shares your love for cute dog videos and cookie-dough ice cream, and that there's no such thing as a Bottlegourd lover. The echo chamber can lead to polarization, where you're surrounded by voices that echo your own, shutting out the world of differing perspectives. In the end, you're as bewildered as a dog caught in a vacuum cleaner's crosshairs when you encounter an opposing viewpoint.

FOMO: Fear of Missing Out or the "Fro-Yo" of Scrolling

Now, what's a hilarious social media expedition without a serving of FOMO (Fear of Missing Out)? Picture this: you're in bed, comfy and cozy, scrolling through your feeds and feeling quite content. You are just about to doze off. But then you come across an influencer's travel photos – they're hiking the Andes, scaling mountains, and even befriending llamas.

Suddenly, your cozy cocoon becomes a cramped sleeping bag in a mosquito-infested tent. You feel like you're missing out on all the adventures, as if the universe handed you a carton of kale-flavored fro-yo while everyone else got double chocolate chunk. FOMO sneaks in like an unexpected plot twist in a sitcom, making you wonder whether your life is as exciting as a "Schitt's Creek" episode or as mundane as a home improvement show.

Wait what? Isn't the universe supposed to be conspiring for you as well? How could the universe do that? (No offense to the universe ofc!)

The "Houdini Time Trap" Trick

Time is your most valuable resource and if you want time to become your enemy, continue scrolling mindlessly on social media! Let time disappear without a trace. It's like watching Houdini's magic show.

It's not uncommon to discover that you've spent three hours scrolling through memes, only to realize you're late for dinner with your own family, you are late for work, your dog's walk, and your weekly bath – well, that last one is negotiable. The mindless scroll seems to be like the digital version of a time-travelling roller coaster, with no seatbelts to hold you back.

How to Escape the Scroll-o-vortex

With all its quirks and absurdities, mindless scrolling can be tamed. Your devices are well-equipped to help. Thank God for my iPhone (not bragging), I now have screen time information and a cute feature I randomly discovered that's helping me protect my eyes.

If that doesn't work and all hell goes loose, here are some laughter-inducing strategies to regain control of your scrolling destiny. Start small though. Small actions also make big impacts:

  1. The "Scroll-to-Smile" Challenge: Make a game of scrolling, and see how many times you can make yourself smile. Whether it's cute animals, funny memes, or heartwarming stories, try to focus on the positive side of social media.

  2. The "LOL" Filter: Learn to identify and appreciate the genuinely funny content and ditch the rest. Your feed should be a source of amusement, not an anxiety trigger.

  3. The "Scrollist" Revolt: Create a "Scrollist" group with friends who share hilarious content, and make it a rule to engage with each other's posts. Laughter is better when shared!

  4. The "Unfollow" Delight: Trim your following list to only include accounts that genuinely entertain or inform you. Ditch the content that drags you down or incites FOMO.

  5. The "Anti-FOMO Glee Club": If FOMO sneaks in, create a "Glee Club" where you celebrate the joys of staying in your cozy cocoon. Invite friends over, order takeout, and dance to your heart's content – no hiking boots are required. Or spend some time alone, rediscovering yourself.

  6. The "Digital Diet": Consider a digital detox to recalibrate your scrolling habits. Spend a weekend without your phone or a week without social media to reset your digital compass.

In the hilarious world of mindless scrolling, you're the director, screenwriter, and lead actor of your own comedy show. Whether you choose to keep scrolling or break free, the most important thing is to enjoy the ride. Scroll on, fellow internet adventurers, and may your journey be filled with laughter, absurdity, and lots of cute dog videos!

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